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Manu has coached, consulted with, and owned turn-around commercial investments. His work has helped struggling business owners generate profit while creating employee centric work environments. In 2019, he set out to increase voter engagement in government and politics by announcing his candidacy for public office. His experiences on the campaign trail opened his eyes to the challenges people faced when running against entrenched politicians. As a result, he launched “The Campaign Challenge” to help lesson the learning curve for those wishing to become true public servants. Together, he believes we can work to solve the challenges faced by the American people.



Like a growing number of Americans, Manu’s perspective on the American Dream was shaped by his experience as a child of immigrants. Coming from India in the 70’s, his parents and sister settled in Chicago with only dollars to their name. His parents strived to build a life their children enjoyed and instilled in them deeply American values: earning rewards through hard work, treating people with dignity, and standing up for the rights of others.


Manu worked in the Information Technology sector in Chicago before moving to the Dallas area to open his commercial investment and consulting business. During the early years of his company, he realized that a successful business required a clear plan, established processes, and empowering the team. This understanding served as a backbone to the success of his business. Manu has served on community non-profit and business boards and routinely volunteers to serve his local community.



America has fallen into a rut where our political leaders are furthering our divides instead of healing our wounds. Manu believes that ensuring the American Dream, the same dream his parents came to realize when they moved to America, is only possible if we elect leaders who are willing to resolve the issues of everyday Americans rather than divide them.

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