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Wheat Field
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It's time for a new generation of political leaders.

Who Am I?

• Husband; Father of two small children.

• Successful Entrepreneur.

• 14 years of leadership experience.

• Former Assistant Vice Chair of Collin County Democratic Party.

• Current Precinct Chair.

What Will I Do?

• Support candidates who will listen to ALL their constituents.

• Register voters and provide them with the necessary information and tools to make informed choices.

• Provide a voice to those who seek better political leadership.

• Prepare Texas for the future!

How You Can Help?

• Join the movement by using the form below to help with the following:

• Register the hundreds of thousands of unregistered Texas voters.

• Help inform voters make the right decision at the polls.

• Help us drive voters to the polls to build a better future.

Can I count on your help?

Thank you for your response.

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