Like a growing number of Collin County residents, my perspective on the American dream has been shaped by my experience as a child of immigrants. My parents moved to this great country from India with only dollars to their name. They strived to build for me the life I enjoyed and to instill in me values which I consider to be deeply American: earning rewards through hard work, treating people with dignity, and standing up for the rights of others.

I worked in IT before moving to the DFW area and joining the hospitality industry, where I opened my own business focused on managing a successful hotel and helping to revive struggling businesses. My wife, Jagreet, and I moved to McKinney in 2016 to give our children access to the wonderful schools and opportunities.

I began volunteering with the Democratic Party and fighting for the principle that hard, honest work should lead to security and safety for all. My work connected me to community members so that I could learn more about their challenges. As an active Precinct Chair, I block-walked and volunteered for several candidates who were community advocates like me.


Now I am standing up to take on a new role. I want to ensure America remains abundant with opportunity for my children and yours. I want to fight for the promise of the American Dream, the same dream my parents came to realize when they moved to America so many years ago.