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A better world starts in Collin County

YOU have the power to change local politics, the Senate and the Presidency. Collin County has enough Democratic voters to flip the state of Texas and hand the electoral votes to the Democratic Presidential nominee. That will affect the policies that govern this state, country and world.

The process starts with the primaries on March 3rd, 2020. The Collin County Democratic Party needs the right leadership to win elections. We need to engage non-voters and re-energize the Democratic base. I'm the leader who will make that happen and I need your vote on March 3rd, 2020.

My name is Manu Lail. I'm running to become the Chair of the Democratic Party in Collin County to help elect candidates who will stand up against special interests, stand up for our planet, and stand up for the right principles. Join our movement by liking our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages and let's show our determination in making this state, country and world a better place.

Can I count on your vote?

Thank you for your response.

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