This is how we will win...

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As Chair, my main focus will be to ensure real wins for Democrats in this county. 

What do real wins look like? 

  • Energizing Democrats and left-leaning independents to vote in every election 

  • Winning elections for Democratic candidates across the county and state

  • Standing in support with our elected Democrats as they fight to make real change

How will we do this?

  • Building our Base: In a state with open primaries, it can be difficult to identify who is a Democrat among us. Building our base requires reaching out to potential voters long before election season, connecting them to the party and raising awareness that we are here. 

    • Canvassing: Whether it is door-to-door, on the phone, through text or through email, canvassing is the key to reaching new and lapsed voters to energize them to the polls.

    • Voter Registration: The most basic civic duty we can do is register people to vote. As Chair I will provide greater support to our voter registration volunteers and work hard to identify new opportunities to engage in voter registration activities.

    • Social Media Advertising: The power of social media can not just be a tool used by the Right. I will work closely with the Party’s Marketing team to create targeted social media ads engaging new Democrats.

    • Data: Capturing and updating voter data is not only important for our party, but for our candidates. As the party engages in outreach and events, I want to create a process to ensure that every interaction is entered into our database and information is recorded and updated quickly and efficiently. Good data takes more than just a Data Director..

  • Training, Development & Support: 

    • Candidate Training & Development: Provide opportunities for first-time candidates to develop their skills. 

    • Campaign Support: Feeding volunteers to campaigns and coordinating campaign efforts across the county including hiring paid canvassers and focusing efforts on the most winnable districts first. Campaigns need more assistance and less red tape.

    • Support for Elected Officials: Supporting our elected Democrats to govern with integrity and accountability and knowing we have their backs!

  • Expanding our Reach and Power:

    • Council of Clubs:  I want to build off the existing infrastructure of the Democratic clubs/organizations throughout the county and engage them in coordinated efforts for campaigns and elections. There are so many great things already happening - we don’t need to start from square one.

    • Events & Outreach:  Providing Democrats with connection points - you’re not alone in Collin County! There are other Democrats here too!

    • Recruiting Precinct Chairs: Your precinct chair should be your community’s Democratic Leader. Let’s make sure all of our precincts have a Democratic Chair throughout the county, ensuring our presence is felt at every corner.

  • Elections: One of the core duties of the County Party is to manage and oversee our Democratic Primary. Utilizing the expertise of our volunteers and election workers, I will ensure a smooth election process.


Watch my videos here to learn how I plan to transform the Collin County Democratic Party