Democrats of Collin County - Debbie O'Reilly

I’m proud to know this 26-year educator and resident of Allen, Texas. Originally born in Wichita to her Kansan father and Irish mother, Debbie grew up near Malibu, California. In 1980, she moved to Plano and became a proud Wildcat at Plano Senior High School, where she now teaches English.

Debbie loves the outdoors and enjoys working out, walking, jogging, and rollerblading. Her impressive athletic achievements include completion of two marathons and several duathlons, scuba certification, a brown belt in Taekwondo and Intermediate level in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art)—not to mention her skills on the basketball court. She’s “addicted to the Dallas Mavericks and counting the days until the season starts.” To contrast the athletic difference between Debbie and I, I’m eating buffalo chicken strips and may or may not have dropped ranch dressing on my shirt. May or may not.

“May Collin County and Texas turn blue in 2020!”

Although she has always thought of herself as a “political junkie,” Debbie didn’t anticipate becoming quite as engaged in local politics as she currently is. She began volunteering in 2016 (sound familiar?), helping to post signs around town and contributing articles for the Collin County Democratic Party. She became a Precinct Chair and also helped an Allen City Council candidate’s campaign in 2017. Using the experience she gained in those roles, she served as Campaign Manager for a Congressional candidate and as the Candidates Committee Co-Chair for Women Organizing Women Democrats. In 2019, WOW Dems chose her as President.

Debbie votes Democratic because of how much she cares about important issues that affect us all: striving for universal health care, protecting the environment, promoting sensible gun laws, and keeping big money out of politics—and, as Debbie says: “Democrats are the only ones who talk about and fight for any of these.”

She views her engagement with the party over the last few years as “a dream come true because I can learn so much more about any issue, share and hone my current skills, and learn many more.”

Look for Debbie at WOW Dem (Women Organizing Women Democrats) events, walking her precinct for candidates, and many other places. She's a force in our Party that every person says we’re extremely lucky to have. I could not agree more!

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