Democrats of Collin County - Gavin Nicholson

Gavin Nicholson, a native North Texan, lives in McKinney. He plans to go to law school, aspiring to become an international law attorney and eventually work for the State Department or the United Nations. He’s currently working toward earning his Bachelor’s degree in political science, with certifications in peace studies and alternative dispute resolution. He’s also working on a House District Candidate’s campaign.

His activism started at the age of 17, when Bernie Sanders announced his first presidential campaign. Gavin was inspired by Sanders’s passion for helping young people like him. But after the 2016 election, he was “fed up” with politics at all levels—local, state, and federal—so he decided to work toward making a difference.

At the age of only 19, Gavin not only ran for the McKinney City Council, but also became a precinct chair. He helped on some smaller races and went on to be the Research and Policy Advisor for Lorie Burch during her 2018 Congressional campaign. In addition to all of that, Gavin got involved in and advised other advocacy groups, including Texas Students United.

Gavin believes the needs of people should always come before the needs of corporations. That’s why he votes for Democrats. As he says: “The Democratic Party is the only party that has attempted to show me that and make progress doing so. I believe that Human Rights should be brought first and foremost into policymaking, and Republicans seem to throw Human Rights out the window any chance they get.”

Young, committed people like Gavin represent the bright future of our county, state, country, and party.

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