Democrats of Collin County - Hazel Weathers

When I first got involved with the Collin County Democratic Party, I realized there was always one person at events who stood out among the crowd through her glowing smile. Always laughing and filled with positivity, Hazel Weathers is everything you’d want in a person you met for the first time. Her presence puts you at ease as she has this uncanny ability to always be warm and welcoming.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio and currently residing in Plano, Hazel retired from IBM after a 25-year career in technical support, marketing, and management. She’s been politically active since 2008 and says her personal values align with the values of the Democratic Party -- fairness, equality, appreciation of diversity, caring about someone other than myself.

“Caring about someone other than myself.”

The Democratic Party is never short of genuine and caring people, but Hazel’s personality and honesty helps her rise to the top. Her energy and tenacious attitude helped her become President of the WOW Dems from which she has since stepped down. She’s remains an active member of the community and you’ll always find at her at WOW Dem and Plano Area Democratic club events.

Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself to Hazel if you see her around. Her knowledge on how to lead by empowering others has always helped me become a better leader. She’s never short of energy and ideas and I’m proud to call her a friend.

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