Democrats of Collin County - Michelle Solis

Like many Texans, Plano resident (and noted karaoke lover) Michelle Solis didn’t always consider herself to be a Democrat. But around the 2008 election, she started paying closer attention to politics. That’s when she discovered the Democratic Party’s platform was much more aligned with her values. Michelle now proudly votes for Democrats because she believes in helping people and in making sure that EVERYONE—not just those who are financially well-off—has a chance to make it in America.

After the 2016 election’s depressing outcome, Michelle chose to channel her frustration into involvement in local politics. She started by block walking for local candidates, eventually joining events, and serving on the Collin County Democratic Party’s outreach committee. This is where I met Michelle, we volunteered at several events to help the community and she was an integral part in making the outreach committee a great success! When her friend Lorie Burch announced she was running for Congress, Michelle stepped up to join her campaign team.

Her commitment to helping others extends beyond politics. In addition to running her own organizing business in which she assists families to organize, declutter, and decorate their homes, Michelle serves as a nanny to a two-year-old boy. Her heart is as big and bold as her karaoke voice! She’s always been a great friend and I’m proud to have her support and help on my campaign.

Look for Michelle at various events and be sure to say hello! Most importantly, make sure you listen to her sing if there’s a karaoke going on… She’s got an amazing voice!

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